Pageant Planet Partnership

     SmartSOLUTIONS is pleased to announce our new partnership with leading pageant resource The Pageant Planet! Connecting the professional salon industry with the pageant industry. Leading prestigious women to quality hair care.


SmartSOLUTIONS Pageant History

          About 38 years ago, Dennis Bernard propelled in the hair industry. He caught his break through doing Miss New Jersey 1980’s hair in the 1981 Miss America Competition where she placed second runner-up! Dennis Bernard has made multiple lines of products to solve hair care problems and annoyances.

        SmartSOLUTIONS is a healthy, environmentally friendly line of products that work. Dennis Bernard put together the perfect package known as the Pageant Perfect Style set, designed to tailor toward pageant girls needs.


Pageant Girls

          Are you a pageant girl looking for a good quality company to use for your hair? Do you want a product that is environmentally friendly? No harmful chemicals like parabens and sulfates? That is also cruelty free? You are in the right place! SmartSOLUTIONS is the leading hair company for pageant girls.